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Cabaret Berlin is Montreal's home for LGBTQ+, Underground, and Alternative culture.

Located in the Gay Village, Cabaret Berlin opened it's doors in Spring of 2019, created by 2 established players in the Underground alternative club scene, DJ Davidé & Coffin Joe. Featuring nights of all different stripes, from goth, techno, clubkid, queer/gay, fetish, even popup shops. We welcome you into our cabaret, where you can let your self free and dance the night away!

Dec 2021 - The Future of Cabaret Berlin

For the past few months, we have received many inquiries regarding the reopening of Cabaret Berlin. We want to share with you what has been going on behind the scenes and why we have been so silent.

It is no secret that the past 2 years has been incredibly difficult for the bar/club industry, not only in Montreal, but around the world. With the support of our community, we managed to survive the first shutdown, which lasted about 5 months, and reopened with many restrictions. We adapted and made the best of the situation and had several memorable events between July and September 2020... only to be shut down again. What we hoped would be a 30-day lockdown turned into many months.

During the second lockdown, we were not sure when and how we would reopen, and what investment would be required to do so. At the same time, we were waiting for the restrictions to be lifted, as opening with all the restrictions in place would not allow us to bring you the same quality of events where promoters and patrons from the diverse goth, kink, techno, 2SLGBTQ+ and other alternative & ally communities could come together in our shared home we call Cabaret Berlin and freely express themselves.

Our goal was always to re-open as soon as restrictions lifted. Months ago when the situation with COVID seemed to be improving, we discussed reopening with the building owners and they confirmed what we suspected and feared - the building will be demolished to be replaced by condos. This is not a new phenomenon, as we have witnessed this fate happen to many other venues in Montreal and in other Canadian cities including Toronto and Vancouver. Although we don't know the exact date this will happen, we decided it would be unwise to reinvest our time and money into a space that will be demolished in the near future.

Having suspected this turn of events, even before the restrictions lifted, we began shopping around for the possibility of moving to a more permanent home for Cabaret Berlin. We were not sure what was out there and what we would find, and if we would be able to afford it. After months of searching, and reaching out to our networks, we were shown an amazing space, located just 2 blocks away from the current location. It was very important to us to stay in (or as close as possible) to the Village, as we always envisioned Cabaret Berlin as a very inclusive place for all our diverse communities. After visiting the space, we were excited and ready to start the process to make this the new home of Cabaret Berlin. Due to this new location being in a concrete constructed basement under a commercial space, it solves the sound issues we had from being right next to residential apartments. Additionally, the space is larger than our original space, with a larger capacity, and 3 times the amount of bathrooms! We are so excited about this new location, and it really solves all the issues we had, while giving us a home we can grow into and stay for years to come, with the support and patronage of our diverse and wonderful clientele.

We had many great events at the original Cabaret Berlin, even with some hiccups along the way. We want to thank every one of our patrons who supported us, including everyone who came out to the many events across various alternative, underground, gothic, queer & 2SLGBTQ+ communities, and had a good time with us in our special little club. We miss all of you!

So, after weeks and months of being asked ‘When are we reopening’, and trying to keep the secret, we can finally reveal our plans! We are extremely excited to invite you to the NEW & IMPROVED Cabaret Berlin, opening in early 2022!!!

This pandemic has forced many of us to deal with difficult circumstances and to adapt, and we were not immune... but we are coming back stronger and better than before. We hope to take you on this journey with us and we look forward to introducing you to our new venue as soon as possible!

Stay tuned for the Grand Opening event!

Davidé & Coffin Joe